I went for the 3 day course at total consciousness. That was 1 week ago! Since then i have had perspective changes, i have had measurable observable changes in the areas i chose to work on! I feel more connected to my life! This is really something... All you need is an open mind, and a playful heart, the rest just seems to happen! Fabulous :) thank you. X
- Lindsay
 “Creativity is the Intelligence of having Fun.” Albert Einstein
Over the three days we had the opportunity to experience fun and laughter….and tears…and more fun and laughter.
Tavey created an environment to enjoy the serious aspects of our imbalances, by addressing our maladies and calling-in our ‘energetic-remedies’. Shapes, numbers, configurations and planes of awareness appeared and we moved them dynamically out of our ‘spheres’ – resulting in Rest! We processed in a state of Alertness and achieved Tranquillity!
Awesome indeed!!
- Lucy 


Here are a few things that are either totally new or really different for me:
My chest feels bigger. When I walk, it sticks itself out, I'm not kidding man... my chest will raise itself up and walk high along with me, and I didn't practice or adjust my posture or anything. Sounds trivial to some, but this is huge for me. I'm letting my heart participate with me and not stick in the back-row anymore.
My chest is also literally bigger. My workouts seem at least 3x better to me. I am far more sensitive and aware of my entire body, so I can "move" my focus to the muscles I want to train. I can "feel them respond", too. In fact, my entire body is stronger. I have been regularly weight training for about a year, but all of a sudden I am stronger and more defined then I've ever been. It's really wild man. While I workout, the waves of energy in my muscles crash together and create beautiful interference patterns all over the muscle and its fibers... it looked the patterns on the surface of a choppy pool.
Not only that, but I have sexual energy like I have never experienced in my entire life. It's like puberty all over again, but this time without all the guilt and shame surrounding it. I love it, it's loads of fun.
I also feel the energy around and within my body when I'm calm and still. It's a warm, comfortable, very, very fine hum. I can shift it and move it around myself.
Spontaneous Meditation: I catch myself falling into "spontaneous meditation" on occasion. Sounds weird, but sometimes a "new thought" or "new consideration", whether from me or something I hear, can put me inside a very relaxing "daydream". I try not to disturb it too much. There are whooshing sounds flowing through my ears and my body is full of various sensations. 
When the experience is really intense, sometimes I can feel the energy as if my torso is made of a solid column. It feels strong, firm and confident. It's not that my body feels like a column, it's like a column of energy is inside my body. There is something strangely "sensual" or sexual about it, too. I've become spontaneously aroused when it gets intense! It's a little crazy and definitely weird! But I'm much happier not letting those labels bother me as much anymore :)
Heart of Gold: I had an experience where the center of my chest was bursting with gold light. The sensation of it in the middle of my chest was BIG. It felt like a constant stretch.. not painful, but there. The light was intense and I imagined that it went out into the cosmos, surrounding everyone. I imagined my neighbors were having a slightly better day just because my heart was pouring out all kinds of good stuff.
Energy Explosions: I've had a handful of energy whooshes that have momentarily paralyzed me. I could have overcame them if I wanted, but it would have taken considerable effort to resist. Not long ago, I was standing, I was being thankful about something and like a FLASH, something burst and I got a shot of energy that moved my arms into the air, perpendicular with the ground, and they just hung there. The sensations were all over the map, I could barley understand how I could feel so nice.
I have plenty more, but this is a start! :)
- Sean