Sessions & Training/Self Development

Every TC experience is unique; you never know what might happen! Sessions and training are often intertwined with each other, all depending on the situation and individual. When it feels right to teach something then I bring it into the session. For me, its not about having the client return for more sessions, its about getting results.
As a standard, I offer 30 minute time-slots for sessions (with some possible training involved). However, if you prefer a longer session tailored specifically around training/self development, then please inform me upon initial contact and we can arrange for a longer time-slot. 

How do I book a session?

You can book a session via my contact page or by emailing me at Sessions are around 30 minutes and cost £25; you can pay via PayPal (use below above), bank transfer (contact me), or by cash.

What happens during a session?

In most cases you may be asked a few questions and then told to simply relax and "notice what you notice". Then, as it may appear to the untrained eye, I move about the room, waft my hands about and interact with things that aren't there. However, in reality I will be accessing an altered state of consciousness, attempting to reveal, interact and change various hidden programs in your unconscious mind. Basically, I might look like just another "fruit cake" until you start feeling something strange and then all of a sudden your shoulder stops hurting!
TC sessions can be carried out whilst seated, lying down or standing up. I prefer to carry out sessions in person, however they are just as effective over Skype or on the phone. Results are usually instantaneous, although full effects may gradually show up over a few days depending on any contributing factors.
Also please note, as with all things, results are never guaranteed in the way you may expect them - expectation often leads to disappointment and disappointment leads to more-of-the-same. Just be open to something different and something different might happen; this is the key!
Effects/sensations experienced during a TC session may differ greatly to any other "healing" method you have tried before, so be prepared for something new! Effects can be intense, playful, funny, relaxing, joyful and euphoric, however the client may feel absolutely nothing at all during a session. Regardless if anything is experienced during a session, it bares no threat to a positive outcome.
Sometimes all that is needed is a conversation and problems can start to change and unfold without doing anything at all; Universal consciousness starts to interact as soon as you open up to it. 
After the session, you will be asked to keep an eye out for changes or things that seem different in your reality, whether it be your health, finances, friends, family, job, garden, fish tank, left arm, or your big toe. It's the act of looking for something new that welcomes the new experience.

And what about training?

The training/self development aspect of TC is currently offered as a tailored one-to-one experience. It often starts with a basic understanding of consciousness followed by a tour of Sacred Geometry, fractals and so on. However, this all depends on the individual and what works best for them.
The various tools, methods & concepts taught within TC are as follows:
  • The power of consciousness and different levels of awareness
  • Sacred Geometry, fractals and how to utilise these concepts to navigate through layers of consciousness
  • Using time, space and the dimensions as a method for discovering information
  • Tapping into your own "map" of reality and how to use this to facilitate change
  • Utilising the concept of portals to access different levels of awareness
  • How to utilise virtually anything around you to create positive change
  • Upgrading what you already know (i.e. Crystals, Reiki, E.F.T.) to a whole new level
  • Integrating the idea of multidimensional awareness into everyday life
As I stated before, if you are interested particularly in training/self development, please let me know ahead of time and we can arrange for a longer session. I would recommend 2 - 4 hours for a good training session, depending on availability.