The Conscious & Unconscious Mind

Total Consciousness (TC) is all about exploring the depths of consciousness. Consciousness can theoretically be divided into two parts; the conscious and unconscious mind. In short, the conscious mind gives us the ability to have the experience, whilst the unconscious mind is the reason we react to the experience.
The unconscious mind plays a major role in our day-to-day lives. In fact, studies have shown that 95% of it is carried out unconsciously. Our unconscious mind is incredibly powerful. It is always paying attention, even when your not!
How many times have you driven yourself to work to then suddenly realise you cant remember how you got there? This happens to all of us, whether it be driving, walking or even eating. Every time you repeat a task, you interact with the same pattern of information. Your unconscious mind absorbs this information and eventually takes the reins so your conscious mind hasn't got to do all the work. Before long, you are carrying out the task without even thinking about it! The more we do something, the easier it becomes.
This happens to everything we learn, whether we are aware of it or not. Learning new information could be compared to downloading a program on your PC. If you understand what your downloading, then you know what you are dealing with; you know where the program is and when to run it. However, in the case of downloading something like a "virus", then you might be faced with some confusing issues until you discover whats causing it. 
When we are afraid, in pain, depressed, angry, disappointed, etc, it's often due to some rogue software we have running in the background. These programs or problems will persist until the source is discovered, and to make things worse, the more we identify with even having the problem, the more ingrained they become. 
TC provides a "virus scanning facility" to reveal our hidden programs so we can see them for what they really are, and in turn, deal with them.

Sacred Geometry & Fractals

Sacred Geometry is the term used to describe a number of geometric shapes, proportions and patterns found all over the world. Shapes found in everything from St. Peter's Basilica to the flowers in your garden. In short, Sacred Geometry is the geometry of consciousness.
However, with regards to TC, the fractal element of Sacred Geometry is far more important than the shapes themselves. 
A fractal is a pattern that can infinitely repeat itself in different scales proportionately. Fractals are found everywhere in nature; from lightning to seashells to trees.  However, the fractal pattern observed in the first stages of Sacred Geometry is what we are most interested in.
Without this fractal, there would be nothing, as literally everything stems from this pattern.
TC utilises this construct as a navigation tool to explore the various layers of the unconscious mind. It is a way to distract the mind into noticing something different, and in this instance we are using fractals and geometry. 

Quantum Theory

Quantum Theory is a vast subject of mathematical equations attempting to explain the strange happenings of the subatomic world. Some of the effects discussed within Quantum Theory could explain what goes on during a TC session, therefore it might be useful to explore some of these concepts to have a deeper understanding of TC. 
One concept worth exploring is the Double Slit Experiment. This experiment demonstrates the behaviour of light at a subatomic level. Conventional science would argue that light is particle based, therefore, light should behave like a particle, however that may not be the truth.
In the experiment, light is beamed through two slits in a wall onto a light-sensitive screen. Since there are only two possible avenues the particles can travel, as a result we should expect to see an image of two bands forming on the screen. However, an image of several bands is formed. This suggests the behaviour of two waves intersecting rather than a stream of particles! 
To see what was really happening, they decided to observe the slits through an electron microscope. This resulted with even more confusion; the pattern on the screen began displaying two bands as they originally expected! It appears that at a subatomic level, the expectations of the observer changed the outcome of the experiment. In other words, because the observer expected to see particles, that is what they got!
In physics, it is believed that everything in the observable universe can be reduced down to a single photon, a particle of light. Therefore, since everything is made of light, can you see the importance of understanding its behaviour? It changes the whole foundation of what we call reality!
Quantum Theory is a great reminder to never believe everything you are told!
Double Slit Experiment
Double Slit Experiment

The Double Slit Experiment

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