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My spiritual journey began over 10 years ago with a group of friends and a Ouija Board. What unfolded was not necessarily a positive situation due to our naive approach, however, it gave me the wake-up call I needed.
It was during this period where I discovered herbal magic and the healing power of crystals. I soon found myself with a large collection of crystals and was using them for everything. However, after a while I found the idea of having to cleanse and recharge them all the time to be a rather tedious task. This is where I discovered Reiki & Seichem.
Reiki & Seichem opened me up to the idea of channelling energy. I could now cleanse and charge my crystals on the go, but that only gave me the taste for more. It wasn't long before I was initiated into the higher levels of Reiki & Seichem where I became a teacher.
I continued my spiritual journey exploring various other techniques including the Egyptian Cartouche, Ama Deus, Shamanism, Magic, E.F.T. & Theta Healing. However, in the end, I found myself submerged in the quantum world where I discovered Reconnective Healing and Matrix Energetics; this is where my life really began to change. Everything that I thought to be real no longer felt the same. Life began to flow differently. I went to several Matrix Energetics seminars and became a practitioner, which I remained for about 4 years. 
During that time, my interest in the world of spirituality & consciousness grew exponentially leading me to discover various other powerful concepts in the field such as Sacred Geometry. It was here where I really began to piece things together. I began to see the patterns and geometry in everything around me, the true fractal nature of reality. My yearning to pass this information on to others grew and I soon found myself putting together information for a new course; this is where Total Consciousness began.
Since then, my journey with Total Consciousness has evolved and believe it will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

Tavey Cade


Foxcroft Close, Leicester, LE3 2QN

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